Managing partners, the young father reading the bedtime story could easily be one of your directors/associates/partners/colleagues.  So how are you going to manage that for your workforce?

This poem by British poet Probably Tomfoolery is one of the most uplifting things I have seen in recent weeks and already has been viewed by millions of people since it was published a week ago.   The poem has definitely touched the human collective and will influence the zeitgeist.  It reduced me to tears.  And the gist of the message is, we want permanent change.

We’ve been talking about what the ’brave new world’ might look like in a series of virtual roundtables with leaders from law firms and their clients on topics such as sustainability/diversity and asking whether things will be different in future and will follow on from the US Business Roundtable shift last year and the Davos 2020 agenda (Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World) or whether yet again the default will be to focus solely on profit just like after the 2008 crash.

Using the benefit of “hindsight 2020", we can:

* make different choices

* pull together to create something new 

* create a kinder, greener, more equal and humane world 

Each and every one of us can make smarter choices if we want change - the future is in our hands: that is the great realisation…..

All suggestions for a brave new world are welcome in the comments below and if you’d like a summary of the headlines from our virtual roundtables please message me.