Did you know that taste buds alter in space? Diageo, ranked 98th in the Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies, are celebrating bravery in brewing by hosting a Future of Stout Summit for which they created ‘Stoutosphere’, a limited edition Guinness fit to be enjoyed in space.

By comparison, even those featuring at the top of the FT’s league table of most innovative law firms in 2018 seem rather limp: crowdfunding, multidisciplinary partnerships and automated systems are perhaps new to the legal sector, but not elsewhere. Still, at least it’s an improvement on the law firm who featured in the 2016 FT Innovation in Law Report for “implementing a strategic review that involved every member of the firm”. Heady stuff, huh!

So where is the pushing of boundaries, the opening up of new possibilities? Where the daring and swagger of innovation? In brewing, it seems. So, I hereby launch a challenge to the legal sector: using the revolutionary new tool ‘TSM’ ( The Stoutosphere Model which I have innovately invented in this very moment) and I invite the legal sector to invent their equivalent to a Guinness in space.

Please drink responsibly.