Law firm leaders and partners often refer to being stewards of the firm for future generations but with PEP such a continuing focus is that really anything more than just talk?  

Earlier today I watched a fascinating talk hosted by the RSA by author and public philosopher Roman Krznaric to coincide with the publication of his book "The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short-Term World".  In the book he explores ways we can expand our time horizons to confront the great long-term challenges of our age, from the climate crisis to threats from new technologies and the next pandemic coming our way.  He asks if we have what it takes to become the good ancestors that future generations deserve?.  

He talked about how the decision-making processes of indigenous peoples often actively include a consideration of future generations as stakeholders ("future holders") and how such decision making has been developing in Japan amongst municipal organisations with amazing results.  

He also introduced me to the Intergenerational Solidarity Index which is a measure of how much different nations provide for the wellbeing of future generations (the UK ranks 46th out of 122 countries just fyi -

Highly recommend it.  To make the necessary smart choices we all need to get our acorn brains working ..... and put those marshmallows down (you'll remember the experiment where children were sat at a table with a marshmallow on it and told that they could eat it immediately but that if they waited 15 minutes they would get a second marshmallow too.  Guess what?  They all ate the first one immediately)